The Patriot Guard Riders are proud to report that for the first time since the inception of the Wreaths Across America program, on December 16, 2017, a Holiday Wreath was placed on every gravesite at the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery in Schuylerville, NY. The Patriot Guard Riders, along with several thousand community volunteers respectfully placed those wreaths, but much more importantly, took the time to honor and remember over 11,000 of our fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen resting in that place of honor.

We wish to sincerely thank everyone who made that goal a reality, particularly those who contributed via the PGRNY “Three For Two” program. Through that program, fully 100% of your contribution went toward the sponsorship of wreaths, with a total of almost 3,800 wreaths (over 1/3 of the total) provided….a truly outstanding effort.

Now that the bar has been set, we look forward to achieving that goal each and every year going forward, and we are confident that with your generous help and support, we can do just that. Once again, our heartfelt thanks for honoring and remembering our fallen heroes.


One of the ways PGR members honor the veterans who have served and continue to serve our country is to participate in Missions.  The time you give to stand for those who have stood for us is greatly appreciated.  Below are some guidelines regarding Mission etiquette.

Ride Captains:  

Every Patriot Guard Riders mission will be led by a Lead Ride Captain (LRC).  Ride Captains will be identified by a Maroon PGR cap.  The State Captain and Assistant State Captain will be identified by a  Red PGR cap.  There may be one or more Ride Captains present at a Mission; however, there will be only one Lead Ride Captain who will be responsible for providing all the necessary information to conduct an honorable and dignified mission from motorcycle/cage escort protocols to establishing and placement of PGR flag lines.  The Lead Ride Captain for a particular Mission will be identified in the Mission details.

Mission Participation:

Members are not required to participate in a minimum number of missions.  There is also no requirement that a member participate in the entire mission - your presence for as much as you are able is appreciated.  Should you arrive after the mission begins, see the Lead Ride Captain (LRC) for instructions.  Should you have to leave a mission early, let the LRC know this at the beginning of the mission and then just leave when you need to as discretely and quietly as possible.

Dress Code:

Although there is no specific dress code, it should be kept in mind that Missions are about respect for our military.  Clothes should be clean and not contain anything that could be construed as being offensive or political in nature.  Weather permitting; most of our members are on motorcycles so they will be dressed in leather or denim.  Check the weather prior to a mission and dress appropriately for both comfort and safety.  Vests/jackets with PGR patches and PGR armbands are common, but they are not required.  PGR patches, armbands, and other PGR clothing, gear and accessories can be purchased through the PGR National website at:


PGRNY members standing a flag line require a clean 3' x 5' US flag on a flag pole (most people have a 6' light-weight, collapsible pole).

Flag Line Etiquette:

  • Turn cell phones off or to mute.
  • No photos are to be taken during Honor Missions.  Photos during Honor Missions may be taken in the staging area only.
  • Stand tall, proud and silent.  Talking in the flag line should be kept to a minimum and should never be done with the family present.
  • Flags (3' x 5') are to be held STRAIGHT UP at all time and never dipped.   The flag should be held at an approximate height of 9' to 10'.   This can be accomplished when the butt of a 6' flag pole is held at waist height.
  • Where possible, each flag line member is an arms-length from the next flag line member.  The Flag Line will be adjusted if waving flags interfere with any aspect of the mission.
  • The Lead Ride Captain in charge will instruct you what Flag Salute protocol will be used during a particular mission.   The following are commands that may be issued during a mission:
    • Attention (or "ten-hut"):  Flag is held at the side of your body
    • Present Arms:  flag held in front of your body
    • Order Arms:   flag is held at the side of your body
    • At Ease:  flag pole be lowered as long as the flag remains straight up and does not touch the ground

(LRC will demonstrate the correct positioning for each of these flag presentations)

  • There is to be no drinking of fluids or smoking in the Flag Line.  If you need to do either, quietly and discreetly remove yourself from the flag line.  Hand off or neatly roll up your flag when leaving a flag line.
  • Some Flag Line missions can be lengthy and no one is expected to stand reverently for long periods of time.  We encourage breaks when you think it appropriate for your personal comfort. 


Escorts are usually provided by PGR members on motorcycles in good weather.  Members in cars and trucks (referred to as cages) are also welcome to participate in an escort,.  Flags are not required for either motorcycles or cages.  Protocols for escorts during any of our missions will be covered by the Lead Ride Captain during the Mission briefing for that day.

These guidelines are not meant to be comprehensive.  Any questions you may have during a Mission should be directed to the Lead Ride Captain.

Our veterans are in need!

The Rochester Area Warehouse can always use your gently used furniture. Presently this program is in the Rochester, NY area only. The ROC HOTH Warehouse schedules pickups every second Saturday of each month unless otherwise posted.

Please visit our Facebook page, PGRNY - HOTH for detailed information.

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If you have items that meet the criteria, are located in the Rochester area, and would like us to pickup those items, please go to the Help On The Homefront - Donate Items section and fill out the Furniture Donation Request Pick-up Request Form or call us at 585-866-1747 leaving us a message on our answering service with the reason for your call.  You are welcome to bring your donations to the ROC Warehouse by appointment only. Call to schedule your appointment for dropping off your donations today! Your donations are GREATLY appreciated and tax deductible.

PGRNY is an all volunteer 501c3 organization. Donations support our mission of honoring the fallen and Veterans and are tax deductible.

Checks payable to Patriot Guard Riders of NY may be sent to:

PO Box 12445
Rochester, NY 14612

Or you may donate by credit card or Paypal


Another way to donate is when shopping at Amazon.  Use AmazonSmile and a portion of the sale goes to PGRNY.  Thank You!

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