If you are not currently a member of PGRNY, we invite you to join us in showing respect for those who gave themselves for us by clicking  HERE to fill out the PGR New York State Membership form.  

If you are already a member and in need of an email address change, please email the webmaster@pgrny.org and list your old email address and your new email address along with what Region you are subscribed.


Our PGRNY website is undergoing a lot of change and updates.   You are encouraged to periodically check out the various areas to see what is new and exciting.


For example:

Are you a new member and have a question on what is involved in participating in a Mission?


Do you have a question on some of the acronyms and terms used by PGR members?


In addition to our website, you can also stay connected and up-to-date on PGRNY activities by joining our Facebook pages:

  • Public Page:   PGRNYHOTH
  • Private Page:   PGRNY (members may send a request to join)


Our website contains a lot of information about what is happening locally, but there are also benefits to visiting the National PGR website at:  patriotguard.org

  • Store (Purchase official PGR clothing, armbands, patches, and other gear and accessories
  • Forum (New York State is part of the Mid Atlantic Region)


To access, you must be a PGRNY authorized Ride Captain and have Login privileges.

 (click on flyer to download)

wHOTH Assistance Flyer

Any time is a good time to remember our fallen and their ultimate sacrafice; another way to remember them is to sponsor a wreath.  Sponsoring a wreath through Wreaths Across America is easy.  Whether at Saratoga National Cemetery or another cemetery where you wish to have a wreath placed. Just click on the image to enter Wreaths Across America.  Simply click on the DONATE at the bottom of their page.  Thank you.