R1/2 Honor Mission - Stanley J. Lubanski, Jr.

Mr Higgins,

On behalf of myself and the entire Lubanski family, I want to sincerely thank you and the Patriot Guard Riders of NY for your involvement in my papa's (Stanley Lubanski) funeral ceremony today.  Your kind words, thoughtful plaque and professionalism were a wonderful addition to the ceremony.  Papa would always tell me when you guys rode through Leicester and would occasionally share pictures of your motorcycles.  As you mentioned in your gracious remarks, papa was wholeheartedly an ardent supporter of the Patriot Guard and all Veteran's causes.  In his honor, I have made a donation on your website.  Thank you all for what you did for my papa and my family today, but even more so, thank you for your continued service to our country.

With sincere gratitude,
Philip Lubanski

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