Photo Gallery

Photo Albums

This section showcases photo albums submitted by our members.  If you would like to submit any photos, please use our contact form.  Remember all photos must be within our state's guidelines.

State Guidelines for Photo Submissions

PGRNY will host photos of special events, special photos of interest and high profile events. Photos must be high quality with proper subject matter.

We will not post photos of:

  • Coffins
  • Mourning Families
  • Honor Missions
  • Staging

Missions and photos of staging for missions should be posted on Facebook. The PGRNY website gallery is reserved for photos that show a story of interest, a special event, fundraiser, etc.

All photos posted must be from the owner and nonexclusive right to use your photographs granted to Patriot Guard Riders New York Inc. (PGRNY). PGRNY Leadership reserves the right to decline posting photos to our Photo Gallery page.



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