Volunteer Opportunities

Want to do more to help?

Attending Missions and standing Flag Lines are great ways to honor the veterans who have served our country and to pay them the respect they deserve at the end of their days. However, there are many more ways to give back to the men and women that have served in our military while they are still with us and are in need of help.

PGR NY has many opportunities for volunteers. Everything from short term helping with a fundraiser, to positions within the Help On The Homefront program, to presentations to other organizations and more.  We welcome volunteers who like to work behind the scenes and may not have the ability or inclination to stand in a flag line, but would like to help in our various activities that assist our military service members and our organization.

The Help On The Homefront (HOTH) Veteran Assistance program is a statewide program that gives one time financial assistance to qualified Service Connected veterans, Gold Star Family members and Blue Star Family members.

The program structure is presently being expanded and procedures written and put into place. 

Tasks will include the vetting process and qualifying of applicants, presentations and training of personnel in the various VA and Veteran Service Organization Offices and other veteran support agencies.  This process requires strong communication skills (both written and oral), the ability to work with a wide variety of people, and good computer skills (including Word, Excel, pdf files, and PowerPoint).

More information will be available as the program is stuctured.  So please check back often.





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