From A Citizen

17 July 2011


I saw a video on the web today about this organization and I was just very impressed.  What a wonderful organization with a very important mission.

I am a citizen that is not a fan of our current foreign wars at all.  I am not a supporter of many of our actions in foreign lands.  I am a "liberal" if one must pick a side.  I don't ride Harley Davidson bikes but prefer riding BMWs.  I am agnostic and not active in religion.  With that being said, I am a human with feelings and compassion, especially for a family that has lost their loved one, a wife that has lost her husband, a child that has lost their parent.

 Despite not supporting our wars, I believe that giving your life on the battlefield for your nation is an honor, and constitutes you as a hero.  We all must support our troops, no matter what your opinions or ideologies are.  A soldier cannot choose his/her battle.  They must only commit to serve their nation and be loyal to their superior.  It is the only way armed forces can work effectively.

It is disgusting to me to hear of this church organization protesting at our nation's heroes funeral ceremonies.  I am very thankful that this group has formed to help these families grieve for their loss and be shielded from these morons that are filled with hate.  Although I see myself as sticking out and being "different" than most of your members, I would gladly stand proud alongside the group joining them in honoring our fallen troops.  I'd even ride a Harley that day if need be :)

Thank you very much for your actions and fighting American freedom of speech with MORE freedom of speech :)


Fernando Fiore
Rochester, NY



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